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National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) New England Chapter

Once again, Molta Media has hit it out of the park! Laura has a deep understanding of our organization's mission and she works quite closely with our Honorees in preparing their Lifetime Achievement videos. She is responsive, she asks the right questions, and she treats our Honorees with utmost respect. -National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) New England Chapter

Dr. Jennifer Ligibel, 

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

"I just wanted to commend you on a truly amazing video. Every year I think you could not possibly top the video from the year before, and every year, I realize I was wrong! You so skillfully created a beautiful testimony to the work we do. Thank you so much for your support of our program. I think more than anything, your video allows people to connect with the center and really feel the impact of integrative therapies on our patients’ lives."
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